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Free Kemonomimi Egg Adoptable :CLOSED: by MissMignonne Free Kemonomimi Egg Adoptable :CLOSED: by MissMignonne
This is a little promotional adoptable for my group Egg-Adoptions. :meow:

The hatchling and the winner here: Hatched Kemonomimi :WINNER: by MissMignonne

:star:Write a comment with information concerning the character inside the egg--it must include a name and background information
:star:Add this deviation to your "Favourites".
:star: Check out Egg-Adoptions. You do not need  to join or watch. Just drop by have a look around, and if you make eggs feel free to join. :aww:

I will pick a winner after the egg has hatched in about 1 week. The winner will have to have a comment and favor for this deviation to be considered for the adoptable.

Short version: If you want a chance to win this male kemonomimi you must write a comment with background and a name and favor this deviation

Art MissMignonne
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SuzyQ2pie Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
UsedGum Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
haha, I don't know if half the stuff I wrote makes sense. Thanks for creating this contest though!

Name: Felix.
Occupation: Undercover spy, posing as a young student. He strives in Mathematic and Science classes, due to it being a necessity when becoming a member of such a undercover organisation.
Personality: Felix has a calm temper, is patient, and is also incredibly loyal. On top of all of that, he also has confidence as thick as steel, though that does not help him charm the ladies. He is hopeless romanticly, and has been single all his life.
Other background information: Felix was born and raised in a modern city, with high-tech homes and schools.
At the age of 13, Felix became an orphan, after his mother and father died in a car crash. Felix didn't believe their death was an accident and swore revenge upon the murderer. His father had also been a spy, while his mother worked as a school teacher on the opposite side of the city. His parents were his role models.
Felix has no pets, and only one friend to socialise with. He has many bitter enemies, who caused his recurring nightmare, his parents' death, to begin. Their leader, Vince Opal, was a taxi driver when not causing mayhem, and is suspected by Felix to have been the one that killed his family.
Felix has only one important possession - his teddy bear. This may be because hidden in beneath the stuffing is a photo of his (dead) relatives, or because the bear's mouth works like a machine gun. It is his only protection, and the only thing he now loves.
Love is not important at all to Felix. He is alone, and proud. Freedom.
susling Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I am very unfamiliar with Kemonomimis but I will try my very best at the bio... ( I'm guessing its like an anthro or something)

Name: Doni Darko (based off a movie)
Background: For his whole life, doni had bein living a life of lies. His mother had adopted him after becoming a widow and told him the outside was scary and horrible. She kept him in the house until he turned 14. That's when he decided to leave and adventure. Doni had never enjoyed something so much in his life, the warm sun burning his soft white skin, the grass staining his socks with wet grass pulp, the perfect smell of lilies and running river water, it was all too overwhelming. He decided to keep visiting the new world everytime his mother would leave to collect food and fire wood. But eventually, his mother found out and threatend to lock him away in his room forever. But in that moment, a strange creature bursted through the door and took doni away. His adventure will continue from there...
His personality includes to now be curently easily annoyed, scared on the inside, strong apearance, overall a "tsundere" personality.
Neko-the-Bumblecat Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
May I enter the raffle? ^ ^ I hope it's okay, I ended up making it a male and added things like town names and such that I came up with. ; w ;" When you mentioned background, I thought it meant a brief history of said character. XD

Name: Simone 'Argo' Vargustein

Background Information: Hopeless Romantic | Cunning and Sharp | Smooth-talker | Audacious | Loyal

A bit of an adventurous yet rebellious figure, Simone 'Argo' Vargustein is what one may called a self-proclaimed pirate and Casanova. Growing up in the town of As'larna on an island at sea, Simone was often mesmerized by the tales his father recounts to him and his siblings. In an untold event late in his youth, he found himself part of a streetgang of thieves and whatnot. Though they did not kill, they did plunder and steal to make ends meet. However, they only steal from the corrupt to get by and never from the truly good people. With his experience and lifestyle as a teen, Simone grew up to be a man with a sharp tongue and equally sharp mind. With big dreams of being a pirate who will go down in legends, he's often found in taverns trying to talk up women or his way onto a ship. Despite his obviously not-too-nice behaviors, his strongest and best trait, is a loyalty as strong as iron- earn it and you've got a friend for life.
asonicfan4 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
Oh, i mean male
asonicfan4 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
Name: glowmoss
background: is a nice young female love to play with others,jokes,icecream, and watching tv with family.
Mishigu Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
Name: David "Davie" Corrigan 
Background: Having been accepted into a fine school, Davie is getting nervous. He's the first of the "new money" generation to go to such a place and he's worried he'll make a fool of his parents. They had to pay good money to get him into this school and he just wishes he could go back to the time before his mother made her billions. He's not as business orientated as his father and he doesn't have his mother's writing talent. He wants to be a teacher, having not out grown his childhood dreams. He likes to read and experiment with art, but he really wants to work with children one day. He grew up in free household, but that made him want to be more for his parents even more. He misses his old friends, but understands they're just a phone call away. One of the few things he's looking forward to is making new friends. Davie is shy but he loves people. Once he gets into a circle, he'll have plenty of people who want to spend time with him.
billmkr Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Backround info: school boy,cute,fox ears,runner,sweet lover ^_^
Yorokobi-san Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Name: Adam
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Info: Adam is a calm, ambitious student on the outside. People who don't know him would say he'd a boring person to be around and that all he does is most likely studying. But that's nowhere near the truth. Adam actually goes out almost every night to meet up with his friends. They go to the skatepark and skate in the dark. It's then when Adam sheds his long-armed shirts and show's the tatoos going up his arms to meet on his chest.
He doesn't show this side to everyone because he fears it'll intervene with his career later on, he believes that this behaviour of his is something he's going to rue later on so he tries to stop it but the bonds with his friends are to strong to be severed so easily.
Inuinuie Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Name: Kyrin
Background: He was an orphan for most his life and bounced around from house to house until he was 16 when he ran away from the program and lived with a few other run aways, (characters I have) and made friends with a reindeer half breed male. They became as close as could be and enjoyed playing basketball outside their small apartment. Soon he took interest in a girl who moved in with them and that is where he is currently. Rooming with his best friends and stealing to live, crushing on a older then he is by three years .
Radiant-LadyRose Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Name: Remo 
Background info:
He is one of a kind, strong and real smart, loves to play around with others but is more independent. He runs and does things for other people. He is also in a kind loving family that he cherish, he may be different from many other students but he doesnt mind
PinkerPoodle Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
May I Adopt?

Name: Curry

Backround information: Courageous, ambitious, alpha male,
PinkerPoodle Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014 moblie is mad:

muscular, big, admirable, cool
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